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Department of Student affairs

I. Functions, Mission

1. Function

Advising the Board of Directors in deciding policies and guidelines on political and ideological education; the organization of events, culture, art, physical training and sports; building and managing databases and policies for students; youth work.
Manage graduate students according to prescribed content
Organize the implementation of student moral education according to the Education Program on 3 ethical contents; study well to pay filial piety to parents; spirit of discipline and order; spirit for the collective for the community.
Advise the Board of Directors on skills training activities; Connecting activities with friendly high schools.
2. Mission

Political and ideological education; Ethical education for students according to the Education Program 3 ethical content.
Organization of events, culture, arts and sports.
Building and managing databases, assessing training results and policies for students;
Tasks on youth work;
Management of graduate students;
Organization of training of students in essential skills for sustainable development;
The connection of friendly high schools;
II. Contact Info

Student Affairs Office - A0003 (house A)
Email Room:; Email Student Reception Department:
Phone: (028) 3 7755054