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The TDTU INSPIRE Library was built at the school's headquarters, 19 Nguyen Huu Tho, Tan Phong Ward, District 7 with a total investment capital of 129 billion VND, with total floor building 8.678 m2.
The INSPiRE TDTU library is designed in the Learning Commons format, including free overnight courses 24/7 and 7 floors; each floor with colored color with basic 07; and names are different by each character per word: INSPiRE. Floor 1 is Indurance, Floor 2 is Nisus, Floor 3: Sagacity; Floor 4: Progress (Progress); Floor 5: Initiative (Initiative); Floor 6: Responsive (Responsibility) and Floor on same as Excellence.


Forward in INSPIRE is recommended, use you can use. File systems, library libraries could possibly give users 3,000 users here:
• User space will be 09 body, 08 study rooms, 03 groups of classrooms, 02 rooms view, online, create space communication, ...;
• Not information for information in the information, the new document area, the area of the computer, the access points, the stations in the multi-function, the automatic ticket, ...;
• Learning space interface is not available to remove the area, the area of the entertainment, business booth, ...;
• Space for the services, the special products contain the spreadsheet services, the region of the school of the school of ..., and the Workspace is not work.
Especially, INSPiRE Library is designed by the faculty and students of the University with unique, unique and unique design ideas and styles in Vietnam up to now.

TDTU INSPiRE Library is the most up-to-date international standard library in Vietnam; is the pioneering Library applying new technology solutions in Operational Management, Operational Management and Development Management; including the ALEPH Software System, featuring prominent document management modules and other applications such as Ex Libris' Primo Central Index, SFX, and Metalib. the world as Harvard, Oxford, ....
In addition, the TDTU INSPiRE Library is equipped with automatic management equipment by RFID technology including: Document classification system after the reader to return books; Cleaning and disinfection of documents; Borrowing system - automatic book returns; Document security gateway; Access control systems, multifunctional printers and many top technology solutions.
All aim to help the user actively in research, self-study; And the management of the Library is simple, requires less staff, but professional and efficient exploitation, quality of service is much higher than previous technology.
The diverse resources available at the INSPiRE Library include library collections, hundreds of millions of global and regional e-resources for information and, and articles. research from scientific journals, e-books, and many other scientific materials gathered from publishers as well as many digital science repositories of other open access universities. gender. All of them are exploited through the application of knowledge integration gateway and general cataloging, unifying the Primo Discovery System to meet the research and teaching needs of the library user community. In addition, TDTU INSPiRE Library also offers services modeled on TOP 100 world library models such as the Global Library Loan Service; Information and Reference; Support for learning, teaching, research; Document circulation and other services to maximize access to and exploitation of all resources available at the Library.
The library is the heart of a university. The TDTU INSPiRE Library has the mission of inspiring research, learning and exploring the potential of each TDTU lecturer, student, and student, to directly create an environment for intellectual disclosure and transmission values. the system; build and train the responsible citizens with persistence, creativity in every situation, always strive hard on the journey of self-improvement into intelligent individuals, to contribute to the progress continuum of society.

Essential Guides to use INSPiRE Library (click here)