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TDTU 360

Facilities for sport activities at TDTU:
TDTU SPORTS COMPLEX with a modern system of mobile platform chairs, and a capacity of 3,000 seats with a central air conditioning system, is always available to accommodate national and international tournaments. Students can choose from a variety of 23 different sports and the facilities allow them to train in disciplined manner either alone or as part of team. Besides swimming as a compulsory sport, every TDTU student can choose to play at least one more sport. This complex is of an international standard and has been recognized as one of the best sports training units nationwide. Even the most prestigious sports universities couldn’t afford to have facilities as amazing and modern as TDTU. This shows how much the President of the board values high performance athletes and how much he believes in the use of sport to facilitate the crafting of highly successful people in all walks of life.


TDTU STADIUM is ranked 2 stars with the capacity of 7.000 seats. Especially, with a modern lighting system of 1.200 lux, TDTU Stadium definitely well facilitate night live broadcast of national and international tournaments.


THE SWIMMING POOL was built on a stretch of land measuring 778.5 m2 and the area of the pool itself is 13.5 m x 25 m with 6 swimming lanes that can hold up to 100 students. There is a water filter system using Intelí Ozon Waterco Filtration operating under traditional principles combined with state of the art improvements. This ensures that there are no cracked pipes, creating a perfect water filter system different and more efficient than conventional pools.